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Now is the time

Dec 11, 2020

During his COVID 19 pandemic when life has become mundane and we’re getting antsy about staying inside our home imprisoned, we can try one of these ideas to connect with our near & dear ones, our family, and the world around us. Whenever we think about learning, we should remember one sentence “Now is the time”.

Relationship Management

Dec 10, 2020

The people we keep close to, shape how we interact with the external world and a part of who we are. The parents who showed us life provided for us and brought us up, the partner we share our homes with, the in-laws who essentially hold an essential part in the family, and the kids who look up to us, the ones we gave life to- all of them together hold us up, make us who we are.

Interview Skills and Personality Grooming

Dec 4, 2020

Personality grooming includes etiquettes—being social, polite and courteous in social situations; professional arena is an area that needs to be worked upon continuously. In the present times personality grooming takes upon dealing with personal and professional stress, anger management, time management, presentation and leadership skills to name a few.

Vedic Mathematics – Tricks for Fast Calculations

Dec 07, 2020

Vedas are not confined in the spiritual matters only but offers a repository of knowledge and wisdom for complete and perfect success in all conceivable matters required by humanity in the worldly domain. Vedic Mathematics is a comprehensive collection of techniques (sutras) to solve mathematical arithmetics, algebras, mensurations, trigonometries and many more in easy and faster way.

Technical Communication

Dec 2, 2020

Technical Communication or (TC) is a novel inter-discipline of learning that has become quite popular in Indian Universities. It is the process of conveying technical information through writing, speaking and other medium specific to the interaction modules.

Art of Questioning

Dec 1, 2020

One of the main aspects of research is asking the right question. We can say this for any field of knowledge that if we want to learn we need to ask question. A curious mind can often lead to great invention. But the art of asking and writing proper question is never easy. We have often seen that advertisement when a notorious boy drives his mother crazy but asking questions continuously, now that is not what we are looking for.

Relationship Management

Nov 27, 2020

Communication is the key to building relationships. Therefore effective communication bears massive importance in managing relationships and keeping them healthy. Relationship management is often referred to as a skill that can be sharpened.

Emotional Expression

Nov 26, 2020

Emotional expression in the field of sports means how an athlete conveys emotional experience through both verbal and nonverbal behavior.

Interview Skills

Nov 25, 2020

Preparing for an interview means taking time to thoughtfully consider your goals and qualifications relative to the position and employer. Be confident and smart. Focus on your fundamental skills and try to be at present. Don’t be nervous and behave properly with your interviewer. Here, in this blog, some common interview questions are discussed.

Web Development

Nov 24, 2020

Web development is a process where different levels of websites are created for producing resourceful information. A more thorough rundown of errands to which web development generally alludes may incorporate web designing, web configuration, web content turn of events, customer contact, customer-side/worker side scripting, web worker and organization security arrangement, and online business improvement.

How to create an impactful presentation

Nov 23, 2020

Presentations delivered to an external audience should create a first impression yet a sustained impact for valued outcomes. Audience analysis, time of presentation, mode, duration, content, coverage, the outcome desired, retention of attention strategies etc. are very important for an effective and impactful presentation.

Progressive Muscular Relaxation

Nov 18, 2020

In this relaxation technique, you can slowly tense and then relax each muscle group. With the help of this technique, you can differentiate between muscle tension and relaxation and also you become more aware of physical relaxing sensations.

Ways to improve your pronunciation

Nov 17, 2020

Any standardized language training cannot be completed without learning about proper pronunciation. Understanding how to pronounce words in English can be more taxing as the language has various accents and time and again the words are spelt and pronounced differently.

Vedic Mathematics!

Nov 13, 2020

Vedic Mathematics deals with various mathematical formulae or sutras and their applications for carrying out tedious and cumbersome arithmetical operations with high speed and a high degree of accuracy.

Writing a story is easier than you think!

Nov 12, 2020

From Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” to the bone-chilling works of Stephen King and Bram Stocker, stories always hold the power to enthrall the keen reader and deeply touch our minds.

Art of Penning Down

Nov 11, 2020

To express ourselves, we need a medium and writing is one of the very essential medium of expression for academicians. Some are blessed with the skill of writing others have to master the art of penning down.

JARRARIUM - A Room Decor

Nov 10, 2020

A Jarrarium is a small and self sustaining aquarium made of glass vase. They can be of freshwater inhabiting plants, shrimps and snails but no fishes or salty water that inhabits tiny corals and marine plants but they’re more uncommon and hard to maintain.

Water Management in Post COVID 19 Urban India

Nov 07, 2020

COVID pandemic has multiplied the use of water for cleaning, washing and for maintenance of personal hygiene. Hence it is of utmost importance to understand the different ways of water harvesting and preservation in a post COVID world!

Interview Skills & Personality Grooming

Nov 06, 2020

The single point agenda of quality education is based on development of skills that would make one job-fit and would also harness the desire to hone one’s already existing skills to suit one’s job role and deliver better each day.

Skill Set for Effective Presentation

Nov 05, 2020

An effective presenter must work through the presentation to draw the audience towards the presentation. Effective speakers use a variety of presentation skills to deliver a message that is understood and remembered.

Upskilling and Reskilling India

Nov 02, 2020

One of the major concerns of our leaders and all concerned in government sectors as well as private sectors are to inculcate ‘comprehensive growth’ and ‘imperishable development’ through skill development programmes.