Communicate in a global environment, across cultures, generations, and genders

  • How to express effectively using appropriate grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

  • How to speak effectively in public situations.

  • How to organize their thoughts better and express themselves clearly and logically in need- based situations

About the course

This course is aimed at helping the learners learn effective speaking  skills by engaging the students in communicative activities to develop oral proficiency. The course aims to develop students’ confidence in using English in various communication situations, both formal and informal. The ability to speak English effortlessly in a variety of situations requires good pronunciation, a wide range of vocabulary, grammatical accuracy and also the knowledge of what to say to whom and when. In short, proficiency in speaking includes knowledge not only of the language but also social and cultural norms, and the ability to respond appropriately in a variety of situations. This course contains a range of activities for the learners to encourage them to speak effectively with confidence, thereby responding spontaneously in any communication situation.

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

  • 2


    • Context and Concept

    • Speaking Accurately the Interactive

    • Speaking Accurately the Interactive (Phenomenon 3)

    • Quiz

  • 3


    • Art of Speaking

    • Quiz

  • 4


    • Extempore

    • Quiz

  • 5



    • Strategies of winning extempore

  • 6


    • Art of self introduction

    • Hobbies and Extra Curricular

    • Quiz

  • 7

    Training Evaluation Form

    • Course Feedback - Effective Communication Skill


Build a toolkit of communication skills that will give you the knowledge and confidence to be an effective leader

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Ayanita Banerjee (PhD)


Ayanita Banerjee has completed her Ph.D and Masters from Calcutta University, with specialization in the field of Ecocriticism and Envioronmental Sustainability, Diaspora and Cultural Identity, English Language Teaching, Pedagogy and Content Development to name a few. With enriching nineteen years of academic experience, she holds multifarious positions in Universities, Institutes, Organizations of repute accomplishing the posts of Academic Administrators, Board of Studies Member, Paper- Setter/ Moderator to name a few. Currently she is holding the position of Professor in the Department of Basic Science and Humanities in the University of Engineering and Management Kolkata. She has contributed quite a few number of selected/ peer reviewed papers in both national and internal journals. Her keen interest in the field of academic excellence and attaining high quality research activities keeps her spirit motivated to achieve and explore more.


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